Who we are

Like fellow researchers and those who came before us, we are a bunch of dreamers, hackers, and computer scientists. Every day we take on new problems; fail at something, succeed at another, learn new skills, hone old ones—and with that, we keep pushing to make a dent in human knowledge.
Debaleena C Faculty/ Founder


Pantea Habibi Ph.D. Student
Ja Eun Yu Ph.D. Student
Nina Sakhnini Ph.D. Student
Hasti Sharifi Ph.D. Student


V. Ramkiran Chevendra MS
Jack Delaney Summer Intern/ Undergraduate
Maxwell Dausch Summer Intern/ Undergraduate
Mariko Kamiya Summer Intern/ Undergraduate (Swarthmore College)
Taylor Day Summer Intern/ Undergraduate (Texas A&M)
Debkanya Mazumder MS