EVL 101

EVL 101

In the photo above: Visualization at the CAVE2 at EVL.

UIC HCI closely collaborates with the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at UIC. We use two lab spaces for students, ERF second floor (the main lab) and SELW 1032 (the Batcave). EVL hosts several faculty members and their research groups. EVL-wide and interdisciplinary meetings usually take place in the main lab. Our group’s meetings take place in either SELW or ERF.

If you are assigned a space in the main lab, take note of the housekeeping rules; else get familiar with the staff and how to get access to the lab and the building.

EVL General

How do I get access to EVL? Dana or Maxine can give out keys to the lab and key-card access to the building. Students need to talk to me about access first, and once I permit, email/see Maxine or Dana about it (cc me, and include your UIN). Maxine maintains the CAVERN list and the EVL Google calendar. Email her (cc-ing) me to get access. The same key works for ERF and SELW labs, but you need to specify the building accesses you need.

Who do I talk to about IT issues in EVL? Talk to Lance about IT issues in the main lab (ERF). Be proactive. Don’t wait for me to contact staff on behalf of you.

How to contact EVL staff? (Who is Maxine, Dana, Lance, and Luc?) Your lifeline; see here.

Who to contact for building issues (e.g., water leaking)? Submit a non-billable service request here. For emergencies, call 312 996 7511. The BATCAVE is Building 608 (SEL-W) Room 1032.

EVL (main lab) Housekeeping Rules

[Borrowed from Prof. Liz Marai. These rules pertain to students with workstations/desk spaces in the main lab (ERF), not Batcave (SELW).]

If you drink coffee from the espresso machine, please consider bringing a bag once in a while (we have a signup sheet on the wall). For instance ‘Coffee Bean Direct’ at Amazon, 5-pound bag ~$35. If you drink tea and like the bulk teas in the kitchen, bring your favorite choice once in a while. The water fountain is financed by EVL (Luc collects and pays the bill): $5 / month for staff/faculty, $3 / month for students. Pay for the desired length, cash only and exact change.

Espresso and water boiler: Put back in as much water as you take, so it’s always ready for the next one. Use the water from the fountain (so tea and coffee drinkers should participate in the water fund). Turn off the coffee machine after every use and then cleanup. Put water boiler to 10-hour timer when you leave at night during the week. Pull out the water boiler cable Friday night for the weekend.

Fridge: Put your name on a transparent box, and your stuff in the box (boxes available on top). Fridge needs cleaning before the new semester (everything in the door should go to the trash, we think).

Free food: Free food is put in and around the fridge after some events. Put perishables inside the fridge if you are the last one to leave. If you take the last item (last cookie, last slice, …), you are in charge of cleaning (do not split it and go away).

Alarm: Close off your lab section when you leave. Close everything if you are the last one around (lights, doors, …). Set up alarms (ask around if you don’t know how)

Cleaning/ Recycle: Find the right bin for your trash. We are all responsible for keeping the lab neat and clean. The building’s cleaning personnel don’t have access to the Lab, and the turnover is so great that we don’t want people to have access if we don’t know them.