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We build human-centered computing systems.

About usUIC HCI

Located in the heart of Chicago city, we are the newly formed Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago. At UIC, Chicago’s only public research university, we design computer technologies that create transforming human experiences and deliver positively impactful societal change.

To support individual and social activities and improve everyday life, we design, build, and evaluate ubiquitous computing technologies. Our design deeply draws from our research on how people work, play, and communicate in day-to-day life.

In recent news

J Med Internet Res

A meta-analysis on the efficacy of virtual humans in patient-facing systems forthcoming in JMIR.


Full paper on challenges older adults face when using mobile maps. Congrats Ja Yun!

Honorable Mention at UbiComp

myCityMeter received best poster honorable mention at UbiComp'18.

NIH R01 award

myPHA project with Barbara, Andy, Richard, and colleagues just funded by NIH.

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